Add WebListings and create a business profile

For more information about WebListings, go to About WebListings.

Getting Started

Click Websites Manager on the top of the page to go to the right place.

Steps to take

  1. Click WebListingson the left and then click Sign up now.

  1. Click Submit to add WebListings to your account.
  2. When the WebListings dashboard opens, enter your address and contact information, as you want it to display for your visitors.

Note: After you enter your business information, we will check to see if your business is already in our system so you can use the current listing instead of creating an additional one.

  1. Enter additional information about your business below your address and contact info. (The Primary Category field is required; all other fields are optional.)

Note: Currently, you can't add additional categories to the Intuit Business Directory. If you can't find a category that fits your business, we recommend that you use a general category instead. For example, we don't have "Churches" in our category list, but you can use "Community & Family Organizations" instead.

  1. Click Save Changes.

Note: You can edit your business listing at any time by going to your website account page and clicking WebListings on the left-hand side of the screen. Your WebListings profile information is re-submitted to search sites each time you make changes. Each search site adds and updates business information at its own discretion and timeline, and it might take 2-8 weeks for your changes to be made.

If you want to add additional listings to your account, email

You don't need to reach 100% for your information to be submitted to search sites.

In fact, there might be information that you don't have or is not applicable to your business. We do strongly recommend, however, that you provide as much unique information as possible since it will help improve the ranking of your listings.

Although your listings are submitted immediately, the search sites can take up to 2-8 weeks to find this information and fully incorporate it into their systems.